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EISCO-Safety-InformationSafety and Drug Policies

As stated in EISCO’s Health and Safety Manual, our policy and primary concern is to “develop and maintain safe and healthy work site conditions for all EISCO employees, subcontractors and the public in general.” EISCO’s concern extends to our customers, since we are well aware that occupational illnesses and injuries have a detrimental impact on safety performance indicators.

Unannounced safety audits are conducted by EISCO for quality control purposes. Results of these audits are shared with our customers to cultivate communication and ensure that the safety objectives of both parties are met. Additionally, all

EISCO field personnel are 40 OSHA trained, Confined Space Entry trained, and have obtained their First Aid/CPR training. Specialized training for water blasting, vacuuming, heavy equipment operations, etc. is either provided in-house or through training seminars.

Since 2002, EISCO has been awarded “Citations of Merit” by the State of NJ-Department of Labor, OSHA Governor’s Safety Council for achievement in the prevention of occupational injuries.

Substance Abuse

A strictly enforced substance abuse policy has given EISCO the advantage in the hiring and maintenance of “key” personnel. The environment created by adhering to a “no tolerance” policy has stimulated the creative energies of our employees allowing them to rise to their level of excellence.

The company reserves the right to perform the following drug and alcohol tests on any and all employees: pre-employment, post accident, random reasonable suspicion, returns to duty and follow-up. Additionally, EISCO’s “no tolerance” policy has led to a virtually accident-free environment, which is realized in a low EMR factor. The benefit to our customer is obvious. Of course, there are no guarantees; however, by eliminating the debilitating effects of alcohol and illegal narcotics from the workplace, the overall risk of injury, accident, damage and, potentially, death are greatly reduced.

EISCO is an active participant in the Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. and DISA Drug Testing Programs. EISCO maintains a subscription with NCMS, National Compliant Management System, which provides third-party verification and validation of all drug-testing programs.

EMR Rating for Past 3 Years:

  • 2020: .987
  • 2019: .833
  • 2018: .976

*EISCO is an active participant in DISA and the Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. Drug Testing Program