EISCO COVID-19 Disinfectant Services

EISCO’s Essential Service Field Staff is here to help you keep your employees and family safe during this unprecedented time. Our comprehensive COVID-19 Disinfectant Services using EPA Registered Biocide Solution provides maximum protection by eliminating bacteria and viral contamination.

It has been stated that the Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for days. Our fast drying Biocide Formula provides a barrier or layer that temporarily protects surfaces from infection, while doubling as a corrosive inhibitor on metal surfaces. Our trained technicians apply our Biocide Formula as a surfactant to clean surfaces as this liquid concentration is effective against aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms.
Count on our Essential Service Field Staff to assist you in effectively decontaminating impacted surfaces such as tank farms, control rooms, vehicles, office locations, lunch rooms, restrooms, vehicles, all types of facilities – manufacturing, chemical, refinery, etc.

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Industries Served:

• Health Care Facilities
• Athletic Facilities
• Colleges/Universities
• Hotels and Motels
• Prisons and Jails
• Airports and Planes
• Emergency Vehicles
• Public Transportation
• Ships and shipping Terminals
• Heavy Machinery
• Day Care Centers
• Bars and Restaurants
• Dumpers and Trash Cans
• Apartment Complexes
• Industrial Facilities
• Turnstiles/Stairwells and Shops
• High Traffic Areas
• Building Exteriors
• Public Parks
• Play Grounds
• Retail Store Fronts
• Schools and Facilities
• Grocery and Retail Stores