Welcome to EISCO, Environmental Industrial Services Corporation. EISCO is a diversified, full-service environmental company that offers comprehensive capabilities to clients throughout the United States.

EISCO specializes in serving refineries, chemical/petrochemical companies, petroleum terminals/tank farms, public utilities, environmental consultants, insurance companies, and Fortune 100-500 companies.

Our promise is to provide the highest level of service to our clients, lending our reputation for credibility, integrity, and trust to the process of client partnering.

EISCO is committed to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care® and provides a safe, secure workplace while protecting the environment in which we operate.

EISCO is consistently vigilant in meeting the highest standards in health and safety, and in the quality of the services we provide.


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Health & Safety is Our Top Priority

Our commitment -- first and foremost -- is to health and safety as we work to protect and preserve the environment. To that end, we strictly adhere to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®.

Health and safety is top priority at EISCO. We are constantly improving internal compliance standards to meet and exceed industry standards.

EISCO’s comprehensive training programs ensure that compliance with all federal, governmental, and state regulations are met or exceeded.

We are committed to continual improvement at the workplace and at every worksite. EISCO’s safety professionals are routinely evaluating performance, and monitoring, auditing, training and enforcing regulatory practices to eliminate exposure to risks.

Featured Projects

Mobile Dredging Project

Client: Drinking water plant Project: Mobile Dredging Location: Manalapan, NJ EISCO was recently contracted to dredge sediments from the lined water retention basin at a drinking water plant in Manalapan, New Jersey. Using a remotely controlled cutter-head dredge, EISCO removed approximately 8,500 cubic yards of sludge.  The sediment was dewatered and 5,800 cubic yards were transported off site for recycling and beneficial reuse.   Learn More

Asphalt Storage Tank Cleaning

Project: Tanks: Flux oil and Asphalt removal / Internal Cleaning and Degassing Location: Savannah, GA EISCO provided technical and professional services, supervision, labor, materials and equipment to accomplish the tank cleaning project of a 165’d x 42’h, flux oil tank at a Terminal in Savannah, GA. This was a large project with the tank containing approximately 4560 barrels of flux oil and an estimated 938 yards of in-situ solids before adding kiln dust. EISCO handled all phases of the project including: Water cutting door sheets for tank entry. Water cutting an 8×8 door sheet in two sections in the side of the tank. Coordinating supply of containers. Vacuum removal of heated flux oil and contents. Loading transportation trailers for transportation to off-site facility. Transportation of recovered flux oil. Dig out and bulk removal of asphalt and cleaning of tank floors and walls. Hydroblasting utilizing a 40,000 ultra-high water blaster to clean... Learn More