P1012891-768x1024EISCO is a diversified, full-service environmental company that offers comprehensive capabilities to clients throughout the United States. We specialize in serving refineries, chemical/petrochemical companies, petroleum terminals/tank farms, public utilities, environmental consultants, insurance companies, and Fortune 100-500 companies.

Our long list of environmental services includes — but is not limited to — environmental remediation, groundwater remediation, industrial maintenance, waste management and transportation, surface impounds, and tank cleaning.

We have the people, the equipment, and the resources to tackle the largest of projects, but we also believe that no job is too small.

Unwavering Commitment To Our Clients

At EISCO, our focus is to provide the highest level of service to our clients, lending our reputation for credibility, integrity, and trust to the process of client partnering.

We embrace the doctrine that success is realized through a commitment to our customers. Our corporate structure fosters communication between client, workers, and management. Add to this a conscientious work ethic and quality service, and we’ve built the foundation for a long-term association.

Our Team

Every individual on the EISCO team consistently strives toward the realization of our mission: the development of long-term mutually beneficial relationships and partnering arrangements with our customers.

EISCO follows the rule of “strict adherence” to our corporate structure, where each member of the EISCO team knows his/her “position” and purposefully contributes to the whole.

This team concept allows us to maintain a system of checks and balances, which lends credibility, integrity and trust to the process of customer/client partnering.

Our Locations

EISCO services clients throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the United States.

Our Northeast Headquarters is centrally located in Swedesboro, New Jersey. We service the Midwest and Southeast from our Kansas City, Kansas location.

EISCO routinely services clients from Texas to Virginia and throughout the Midwest and Southwest.

EISCO has full-service capabilities across the regions that enable us to conduct our full range of services efficiently and effectively.