Company Leadership

The EISCO approach to client management is an integrated and fluid system designed to enable any and all key personnel to service our clients. Our clients may contact any EISCO key staff member to schedule a site visit, provide a bid, or solve a problem. This system was initiated to better address our clients’ needs in a timely manner.

The following key staff serve in the following roles:

Dee Biscardi: Chief Executive Officer
Dee’s location is within our New Jersey corporate office, where records are stored. This ensures access and updating of licensing, training and medical records as necessary.

Anthony DeRosa: President
Anthony is the primary point of contact for addressing any client concerns and issues that have not been resolved at the project management level. He is also responsible for overseeing proposals and project billing.

Kristen Wolansky: Business Development Manager
Kristen assists our project managers by serving as an additional point of contact between clients and EISCO-NJ. She also assists the EISCO-NJ team in preparing bid estimates, project scheduling, troubleshooting, and ensuring that project needs are met in a timely manner.

Jeff Tlwrne: Operations Manager/Coordinator
Jeff is responsible for the scheduling of manpower, materials, and equipment for the job sites. He ensures that any special project needs are available when and as necessary, and makes provisions for special equipment/machinery to be on- site.