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Waste Minimization Case Study

Case Studies

Project: Centrifuging

EISCO provided the procedures, manpower, pumping system, centrifuge system, hoses, pumps and pipe for a H2S neutralization, centrifuging and tank cleaning job in Paulsboro, NJ.

The tank was a sour water tank, 60’diameter and 56’ in height. It had an 18” of sludge, 755 barrels of solids, a liquid volume of 31,710 gallons and an estimated 22 tons in-situ.

EISCO began by chemically neutralizing the hydrogen sulfide and degassed the vapor space prior to venting the atmosphere through carbon beds. EISCO vacuum removed the sludge and contents of the tank for processing. We then proceeded to process the sour water sludge using a centrifuge to separate the solids from the liquid. EISCO loaded the waste solids resulting from sludge processing into waste disposal containers. EISCO finished by cleaning the tank until it was clean and gas free.

Project: Asphalt tank cleaning with door sheet cut

Project: Asphalt tank cleaning with door sheet cut

Location: Perth Amboy, NJ

EISCO was recently employed for an asphalt tank cleaning project in Perth Amboy, NJ in which we had to cold cut a 12’ x 12’ door sheet into the tank in order to gain entry and manually remove product from the tank.

EISCO utilized a 40,000 psi water cutting unit with remote cutting head to cut the door sheet and we made the door cut according to API 653 spacing and radius requirements.

Upon completion of the bulk removal of asphalt pitch, EISCO continued with more hydroblasting services. EISCO cleaned the internal tank by hydro blasted the floors and walls to 6’ utilizing a 40,000 psi hydro blasting unit.

Wall Cleaning Asphalt

Project: Wall Cleaning of asphalt storage tank

Project: Wall Cleaning of asphalt storage tank

Location: Dumfries, VA

After EISCO completed the bulk removal of asphalt from a 27’ diameter x 40’ height asphalt storage tank, we proceeded to hydro blast and clean the wall surface of the internal tank up to the ceiling for purpose of preparation for inspection and weld repair.

EISCO utilized a 40,000 ultra-high water blaster to clean the tank wall surface. Scaffolding was erected inside the tank up to 30’ in order to clean the walls from ceiling to floor.

EISCO finished with vacuum removing water and debris with a vacuum truck and transferring it to an approved facility.

Crude Rack Cleaning and Repurposing Project

At an oil refinery in the state of Delaware, EISCO recently completed a chemical circulation project where we chemically circulated through 12” crude oil pipelines. The client wanted the crude lines cleaned in order to repurpose them to be ethanol lines. EISCO provided cleaning and pipe pigging services for the cleaning of the rail system. There was 2118’ foot of crude oil unloading line piping.

EISCO provided everything from chemical circulation equipment, temporary piping, hoses, pumps, procedures for implementation and support for the cleaning and pipe pigging services.

EISCO performed three separate chemical circulations on the rail system piping and upon completion we vacuum removed remaining liquids from the 12” lines.

Upon completion of the cleaning process EISCO inspected the pipe lines with video inspection to verify cleanliness. 12” swab pigs were then utilized and a nitrogen truck to push pigs through the 12” pipe lines and ensure final cleaning.

Mobile Dredging Project

Client: Drinking water plant

Project: Mobile Dredging

Location: Manalapan, NJ

EISCO was recently contracted to dredge sediments from the lined water retention basin at a drinking water plant in Manalapan, New Jersey.

Using a remotely controlled cutter-head dredge, EISCO removed approximately 8,500 cubic yards of sludge.  The sediment was dewatered and 5,800 cubic yards were transported off site for recycling and beneficial reuse.


EISCO Exhibits at International Above Ground Storage Tank Conference

EISCO was recently an exhibitor at the 18th Annual International Above ground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.  The conference was held by NISTM, the National Institute for Storage Tank Management.  NISTM is a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities, resources and training seminars about the operation, regulation, and management of Underground and Aboveground storage tank systems.  EISCO was able to showcase our great variety of service offerings including an important core capability; tank cleaning.

EISCO Attending Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards Dinner

EISCO will be attending the 88th Annual Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards Dinner on May 18th where we will be receiving a Citation of Merit Award.  This award was earned based on our achievement in the prevention of occupational injuries during Calendar year 2015.

Asphalt Storage Tank Cleaning

Project: Tanks: Flux oil and Asphalt removal / Internal Cleaning and Degassing
Location: Savannah, GA

EISCO provided technical and professional services, supervision, labor, materials and equipment to accomplish the tank cleaning project of a 165’d x 42’h, flux oil tank at a Terminal in Savannah, GA. This was a large project with the tank containing approximately 4560 barrels of flux oil and an estimated 938 yards of in-situ solids before adding kiln dust.

EISCO handled all phases of the project including:

  • Water cutting door sheets for tank entry.
  • Water cutting an 8×8 door sheet in two sections in the side of the tank.
  • Coordinating supply of containers.
  • Vacuum removal of heated flux oil and contents.
  • Loading transportation trailers for transportation to off-site facility.
  • Transportation of recovered flux oil.
  • Dig out and bulk removal of asphalt and cleaning of tank floors and walls.
  • Hydroblasting utilizing a 40,000 ultra-high water blaster to clean 17,001 square foot of tank wall surface.
  • Removal of waste water and debris with vacuum truck and transferring for proper disposal.

EISCO provided procedures for implementation and support of the tank cleaning processes as well as all labor, removal equipment, temporary piping, hoses, pumps, etc.