Water-Blasting Services

Water Blasting ServicesWater Blasting Service is a core component of EISCO’s service offerings. We pride ourselves on perfecting techniques for both hydro-blasting, abrasive hydro-cutting and vacuum recovery. EISCO’s water-blasting services include the following:

  • Ultra-High Pressure (up to 40,000 psi)
  • High Pressure (up to 20,000 psi)
  • Power Washing (up to 5,000 psi)
  • Abrasive Hydrocutting (steel and concrete)
  • Surface Preparation (to SSPC Standards)
  • Bundle and Process Equipment Cleaning


Case Studies

Project: Asphalt tank cleaning with door sheet cut

Project: Asphalt tank cleaning with door sheet cut Location: Perth Amboy, NJ EISCO was recently employed for an asphalt tank cleaning project in Perth Amboy, NJ in which we had to cold cut a 12’ x 12’ door sheet into the tank in order to gain entry and manually remove product from the tank. EISCO utilized a 40,000 psi water cutting unit with remote cutting head to cut the door sheet and we made the door cut according to API 653 spacing and radius requirements. Upon completion of the bulk removal of asphalt pitch, EISCO continued with more hydroblasting services. EISCO cleaned the internal tank by hydro blasted the floors and walls to 6’ utilizing a 40,000 psi hydro blasting unit.

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Project: Wall Cleaning of asphalt storage tank

Wall Cleaning Asphalt

Project: Wall Cleaning of asphalt storage tank Location: Dumfries, VA After EISCO completed the bulk removal of asphalt from a 27’ diameter x 40’ height asphalt storage tank, we proceeded to hydro blast and clean the wall surface of the internal tank up to the ceiling for purpose of preparation for inspection and weld repair. EISCO utilized a 40,000 ultra-high water blaster to clean the tank wall surface. Scaffolding was erected inside the tank up to 30’ in order to clean the walls from ceiling to floor. EISCO finished with vacuum removing water and debris with a vacuum truck and transferring it to an approved facility.

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